Demonetisation in India 

Demonitisation in India through the lens of the theories of Public administration.
It goes against three concepts-
1)Maslow’s Need Theory-

The safety and security need as it is,is not taken care of in the developing countries.
Overnight such demonetisation happens and this further aggravates a sense of insecurity.
Saving for what..anything can be demonitised any moment.
Sense of insecurity.This is not good governance.
2) Policy is made by one man sitting in his office ,hence it lacks ground reality.
Policy in good governance is bottom up,involvement of people.
This policy affects billions of people but it lacks human touch.
Overnight policy change..and no vision of ground reality is there.Millions of people are thrown in a state of panic-

-whose near and dear ones are in Hospitals,in ICU’s

-whose daughter is to be married next day.

-someone’s cremation is to be done and they don’t have money in hand, due to this move.
Endless list, which this policy did not take into consideration.
3)Corruption needs multi pronged strategy.

Also black money is not only in cash, it’s invested some where else.
So how does it really help??
Corruption will not end, now bribes will be in 2000 notes.

Justice system,value system needs to be changed.A fear of law has to be created.

Human Development Report 2002 had very rightly said-
Reason for corruption are-

Loopholes and scope for it

Return from it in terms of profit

Lack of fear
The corrupt see a scope for it,then they calculate the profit from it via a vis the punishment for it.
There is always a likelihood of huge profit and going scotfree, with no punishment at all.
This is a huge motivation for corruption.
Demonetisation does not address this issue.
Whatever is stated above is purely from the theories of public administration.

Please do not add political colour to it for being for or anti the PM.



Saree..An epitome of my culture epitome of my culture, this is how I look at it.For some it’s an outdated attire which is worn only by the older generations or ladies in the villages.For some more than the Saree per se,it’s the brand and the designer which matters more.

For me , it’s the Saree as it is that matters,a traditional look,a weavers love and a blast of colours.Draped in this gorgeous attire, I flaunt my culture, one thing I am really proud of.

Recently on my trip to Japan, I was fascinated by ladies wearing Kimonos (Japanese traditional dress) it shrines or temples, or boat ride.They wore it for every occasion and this shows their pride in their culture.

We can appreciate the culture of others only when we are confident and proud about our own culture.Then there is no mad rush to prove that you are modern, there is no mad imitation.Being modern doesn’t mean copying Western means openness of thought and outlook.Clothes and brands should not define YOU, rather the other way round.

You don’t have to wear Saree everyday to prove the beauty of your culture.What is important is the mere appreciation of your heritage and culture.These are your roots which keeps you firm, don’t criticise them and don’t leave them.

The raw, rustic untouched pristine beauty is so rare to find, treasure it.

Art is a therapy!

Art is a therapy… Had heard it but not really felt till I made this one…
Deep Blue Sea

Oil on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

Life is a whirlpool and what gives us strength is our strong anchor..strong faith.

My anchor is my faith in the divine which I represent here with the DOT.

Holding on this anchor, I can sail through all the whirlpools of life and towards the end come to the realisation that life is so beautiful underneath.

I experienced it while making this painting and this has infused so much positivity in me.

Art has a social responsibility!

My small initiative to give back to society…
Every month I will give away One Painting for a social cause.If your child’s birthday falls in this month, you can receive this painting as a gift for your home.
Steps to follow-
1)Message ASAP, that you are interested in claiming your gift as you are eligible for it(child’s birthday falling in that month).
2)Donate whatever amount you want, to any Charity of your interest or any orphanage.Message this detail to me within two days, else it will pass to others in queue.
3) Pick up your painting from me ( for those based in Singapore).

People staying in other parts of the world can also claim it, if they have friends in Singapore who can pick up from me.
Please be part of this initiative and share it with your friends and family.
Thank you
All auspicious things start with Ganesha and so does this initiative.

This is the painting to give away for the month of October!


Gajapati – GaneshaOil on canvas

80 X 80 cm
For me, Ganesha is my best friend…

Not someone who sits in the abode of heaven and I have to perform rituals and sing hymns to connect to Him…but my best friend who comes to help me when I am in trouble.

The worst phases of difficulties I have waded through only by holding his hands and having faith in him..

He comes to me not in the image I worship, but as a human being and gives signal that I am with you… 

He is omnipotent, omnipresent and most important my faith in him supersedes all rituals and frills which I do occasionally.

I know I can connect with him as I connect with my best friends..I close my eyes and I feel him around me.
This friend of mine is beautiful, majestic ,has big ears to listen to me and is so wise that I don’t have to tell him anything.
Hence I give him this form ..more of an elephant than supernatural…as He animates every living thing around us.

Long Lost Path

LONG LOST PATH..It started from my painting of a ROSE for school exhibition in the year 1993…when it was much appreciated.But my path was not art,it was administration…so gave the paintings to parents and moved ahead in life.My ART TEACHER…MRS. MANJU…told me there was something magical and intense about my colours,but didnt pay heed as ART was just a hobby…career was important.After several years,my husband literally pushed me again for making a painting in 2012..and thanks to him.It was then that my teacher’s words started echoing inside and gave me confidence to move ahead.Art is slowly becoming a passion and addiction.ROSE (1993)…made more than 20 years ago:)


Development  administration began in 1950’s and till 1960’s  it was the heyday of development administration.

However late 1970’s onward ,shadow of doubt for development administration emerged.The western countries started the path of development assuming and claiming that there was UNDER DEVELOPMENT in these countries and they were to be led on the path of  development administration in order to be MODERNISED which was similar to WESTERNISE.

This approach led to growth of development administration,administrative development and administered development.

In late 1970’s a group of scholar said it was actually COUNTER DEVELOPMENT..and the goals of development administration should be achieved through people’s participation and not western imitation.they gave ALTERNATE DEVELOPMENT model.

In 1980’s world bank further questioned the state led development and need was felt for market supremacy.

This thought became more vocal in 1990’s and it gave rise to the phase of DEADMINISTERED DEVELOPMENT.It was the phase of PARTICIPATORY DEVELOPMENT,PEOPLE CENTRIC DEVELOPMENT,AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.


There  has been a group of scholars from 1980’s onward who has been called ANTI DEVELOPMENT(which is more evolved thought of counter development ).They outrightly reject the western model of development administration .They are ANTI that model of development administration given by the west.They are not anti-development per se.They dont object change but that should not be based on western model.It should be indigenous based on each individual and his thought.It is a bottom up approach to development in which imitating the west is outrightly rejected.